VelaShape Cellulite Treatment: What Is It and How Safe & Effective Is the Procedure?

Whether it’s from childbirth, weight loss, or aging, cellulite is a common skin concern that many people experience. While cellulite is completely normal and no threat to physical health, its bumpy, dimpled appearance can be a source of insecurity and frustration for many individuals. If you are looking to get rid of cellulite for good, then the non-invasive VelaShape cellulite and body contouring treatment may be just the thing to consider. Of course, before deciding to undergo any procedure, it’s necessary to fully understand how it works to gauge whether it matches up with your specific needs and goals. To save you some legwork, here is a useful guide to everything you need to know about VelaShape, from what the procedure is to how many sessions it takes to see results!

What is VelaShape?

Having gained immense popularity in recent years, VelaShape is a non-invasive body contouring treatment that utilizes a combination of infrared light and vacuum-coupled radiofrequency technologies to achieve body contouring effects. It works by applying deep heating in localized fat cells, which in turn will promote blood circulation, cellular metabolism, and the growth of new collagen. Ultimately, this results in smoother skin as well as speedy fat reduction. As VelaShape is highly effective in diminishing the appearance of textured skin, cellulite elimination is what most often draws people to VelaShape. But in fact, the procedure also tackles other treatment areas such as stretch marks, circumferential reduction, and general skin laxity. Velashape-2

How Effective is VelaShape?

Now you know what VelaShape is, but you still might be wondering about the procedure’s effectiveness In fact, VelaShape is cleared by the US FDA for its effectiveness in cellulite and circumferential reduction, as well as the improvement of local blood circulation and alleviation of muscle pain. The treatment is also CE-approved for its body contouring effects. It is important to note that how many sessions it takes for results when undergoing VelaShape varies depending on the individual and their eating and exercising habits. For longer-lasting results, it’s best to supplement the body contouring procedure with regular exercise and a healthy diet.

Is VelaShape Safe?

VelaShape is cleared by the FDA and is generally a very safe procedure with no side effects. Not only is the procedure non-invasive, but it is also painless and requires practically no recovery time, meaning that there are very minimal risks involved. However, perhaps what is the most important factor in determining the success and safety of your VelaShape treatment is where you go to undertake the procedure. It is crucial to find a trusted and licensed provider to ensure you achieve the best results possible. Beauty InHere is an experienced and caring team of practitioners dedicated to providing quality beauty and body contouring treatments in Hong Kong. If you’re interested in booking a session of VelaShape with Beauty InHere, or simply want to learn more, please feel free to get in touch with us via WhatsApp at +852 9661 7373 or email at