How to Slim Down After Giving Birth: 4 Effective Ways


After nine months of unusual pregnancy cravings and carrying all that extra weight around, the most precious miracle of your life is now finally snuggled up in your tender, loving arms, and your body can finally shrink back to its normal shape and size, right? Not so fast. The reality is that it often takes months for new mothers to get back to their pre-pregnancy weight. That being said, there are proactive things you can do to expedite the process and help you bounce back to your old self. Read on to find out the best recommendations for how to effectively slim down after giving birth!

#1 Adopt a balanced, nutrient-dense diet

As with almost any other weight loss plan, diet plays a vital role in shedding those extra pregnancy pounds. Be careful not to go on a crash diet or over-restrict your calories—no matter how much you want to fit back into your old clothes immediately. You need sufficient nutrients to help your body heal and regain energy after delivering a baby. Your best bet is to maintain a wholesome and nutrient-dense diet, incorporating plenty of fruits and vegetables, whole grains, lean protein, and healthy fats. At the same time, try to limit your intake of sweets and highly processed foods.

#2 Breastfeeding

Did you know that breastfeeding mothers tend to slim down faster than postpartum women who do not breastfeed? This is because the production of breastmilk naturally burns a lot of calories (around an extra 500 calories per day), making it easier for new mothers to achieve a calorie deficit and lose the extra weight. Of course, weight loss should not be the primary incentive for breastfeeding, but it may be convenient to know that breastfeeding can be seamlessly integrated into your postpartum slim-down plan!

#3 Get Your Body Moving

It may be intimidating to start exercising again after delivering a baby, but a healthy level of activity can tremendously step up your efforts to slim down postpartum. If you experienced complications during birth, it is best to wait at least 6 weeks before getting back into physical activity. Once you get the green light from your doctor, you can start with regular light exercises like walking and gentle yoga to strengthen your muscles before gradually building up the intensity. Consistency is key, so make sure you find an exercise routine that is sustainable and fits well into your lifestyle!

#4 Body Slimming Treatments


If you are wondering how to slim down after giving birth in a way that is fast, easy, and effective, then look no further than body slimming treatments powered by ultrasound and radio frequency (RF) technologies, such as BTL Vanquish Me, Ultra Shape, and Vela Shape. Painless, non-surgical, and with no side effects, these body slimming treatments are effective in eliminating excess fat cells, particularly in the abdominal and flank area, as well as in toning the body. Best of all, they are gentle enough to be used even on postpartum mothers!

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